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The French Cigarette Pack Trick

Quite a longtime ago, France’s Casino Deauville was the victim of the greatest roulette cons there has been. The scheme had been carried out at the summer of 1973 by a casino roulette dealer (who was also an amateur radio addict ), with his brotherinlaw, along with his superbly attractive sister.

The dealer/ham-radio magician constructed a radio transmitter which would fit perfectly in to a cigarette packet to attain their aim. As well as building this disguised device, in addition, he managed to place a (weight less ) modified receiver inside a match ball. While this ball was in play, his brother in law acted as a innocent participant who experienced a series of good luck.

During that period period, an adjacent table positioned the sister. Her job was to push a button, causing the rogue ball to land on six locations. The consequent outcome was 90% accurate — a shocking achievement for a DIY strategy.

Inside a week, the group needed culled prize money amounting at the currency worth. Although casino police investigated the suspicious run of wins, no one managed to ascertain how offenders were cheating that the chances. Still yet another sort of fortune came to play because the casino owner happened to come up with an intimate interest at the female that was extremely good-looking.

Despite the fact that, or perhaps because, she chased himhe now noticed just how she was present in every big triumph. Once the casino officials attained that, they chose up radio interference also had a technical team scan the casino. The gang had been quickly apprehended. Perhaps an sister might have improved their chances to getting off with this innovative plan!